Website Maintannace

Kodepen  maintain your website 
and regular update
Monthly Maintannace

Update website and content management with developer.

Website maintenance involves regularly checking the website for any issues, such as broken links, incorrect information, outdated content, and security vulnerabilities. It also includes making sure that the website is optimized for search engines and mobile devices, as well as improving the website's speed and performance. Additionally, website maintenance involves keeping the website up to date with the latest features and security patches, as well as making sure that the website is compliant with any relevant regulations.

Regular update plugins, Wordpress and themes version control
Content Management  like publish or edit blog post, pages, custom field. 
Create new pages with CMS like elimentor, oxygen, bricks builde, divi theme.

Connect with us for 
Maintain your website

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part time work dedicated devloper

Feel free to assign you WordPress task and resolve many error from live.

No any hesitate for hire employee for small update and revision

Advance payment discount

We are give you 5% discount if you paid in advance payment for 3 month.

100% Setisfaction gauranty

We are give you 100% satisfaction with KodEpen developer working time and quality guaranty.
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